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Committee (start date): Sergey Klimenko (co-chair, 3/2009), Badri Krishnan (co-chair, 12/2012), Alessandra Corsi (12/2014), Sheila Dwyer (12/2014), Stephen Fairhurst (9/2015) Stefan Hild (4/2010), Reinhard Prix (12/2014), John Whelan (12/2012)

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See procedures for required steps for all publications. If anything is unclear, then please consult the PnP committee. Below are some useful links to help in the process:

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Short author list papers

As outlined in the collaboration policies linked above, short author list technical papers related to LSC work should be circulated to the collaboration prior to being circulated publicly or being submitted for publication. Detailed requirements are given in M060334. Papers are also reviewed internally.

For authors

If you have a paper that you wish to submit for review (or are unsure if you need to submit for review), please follow the submission guidelines. You can check the status of papers you are an author of here

Open Data
Detector reference
Current "standard" detector references. Advanced detector Sensitivity curves.

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If you have been asked to review a paper, please see the reviewer guidelines.

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